StatGraphics Centurion 17.1

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Advanced suite of tools to manage, analyze and control statistical values.

StatGraphics Centurion is a complete advanced suite to manage, control and analyze statistical values and learn about any statistical discipline. It is also compatible with Windows Vista.

This program is built under a modular structure made up of three different modules, accumulating a total of more than 150 different distribution procedures. The main one is the Basic Module, that includes all the basic statistical tools. From there you can select other functions or utilities that you might need in the other modules. For this reason it is possible you will always need the whole program (with all the modules).

This is a statistical pack that is very powerful and flexible in both calculation operations and graphs. Here are the main features:

* StatReport: for all types of reports, graphs, tables and analysis that the user can update in real time. Modify the colours, fonts, sizes, etc.

* StatWizard: helps you choose the right statistical method for each case.

* Statfolio: can be linked to your data sources.

* The statistical experiments and procedures you can use in StatGraphics Centurion are very varied, and offer almost unlimited control capabilities, for example:

- designs for complete factors or mixed fractions.

- designs for 12 or 24 tests for between 3 and 6 factors.

- mixed designs, letting you control the upper and lower restrictions.

- designs based on the best variance behaviour.

- unique or multiple categorizing factors.

- specific designs to analyze gage R&R variation and study components.

- the program has support for graphic and numeric optimization.

- Control graphics for processes with a high CP.

- Acceptation samples.

- Control graphics so you can control individual and subgroup observations that are serially correlated.

- CuSum Control graphs.

- Fishbone-type graphs.

- you can calculate the normal tolerance limits, based on known parameter values like the average, typical deviation and size of sample used.

- Includes instrumental graphics too.


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